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Referring to commits in commit messages

On Mon, Dec 17 2018, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> v2.11.0-rc3~3^2~1 (stripspace: respect repository config, 2016-11-21)

Minor nit not just on this patch, but your patches in general: I think
you're the only one using this type of template instead of the `%h
("%s", %ad)` format documented in SubmittingPatches.

I've had at least a couple of cases where I've git log --grep=<abbr sha>
and missed a commit of yours when you referred to another commit.

E.g. when composing
https://public-inbox.org/git/878t0lfwrj.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ I
remembered PERLLIB_EXTRA went back & forth between
working/breaking/working with your/my/your patch, so:

    git log --grep=0386dd37b1

Just found the chain up to my breaking change, but not your 7a7bfc7adc,
which refers to that commit as v1.9-rc0~88^2.

Maybe this is really a feature request. I.e. maybe we should have some
mode where --grep=<commitish> will be combined with some mode where we
try to find various forms of <commitish> in commit messages, then
normalize & match them....