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Re: Skipping history and save bandwidth: how can I jump between shallow clones, without sending unused blobs

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 12:15 AM Robin H. Johnson <robbat2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think this is encapsulated in the v2/promisor work, but wanted to
> check how close that was to fruition, and that it would indeed be
> possible.
> This would enable replacement of any workflow that presently uses rsync
> to update.
> If I have a clone (ideally shallow already) at A, I'd like to update it
> to the latest remote tip at F, ALSO at depth 1, without fetching the
> intermediate history (B..E), or blobs unique to the intermediate history
> [and no longer referenced from any tree at F].
> I critically want to ensure:
> - that the remote does NOT send any blobs that I already have.
> - that the remote does NOT send any blobs that are not reachable from
>   the new tip (e.g. blobs that existed between the old state and the new
>   state, but aren't needed anymore).

This is what we do now (I've created a small repo to test it again).
Are you seeing that we transfer more than needed?

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