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Git hooks don't run while commiting in worktree via git-gui

There is a little difference in behavior when you are committing to
the worktree from CLI or some git client (tortoisegit/sourcetree) and
embedded git gui.

If you configure git hooks in your repository and then add a worktree
(via git worktree add), hooks from main repository works well both in
main directory and in worktree, if you are using CLI/third-party GUI.
Committing in the main directory via embedded git-gui works fine too,
hooks are running. But when you try to commit in the worktree
directory from git-gui, hooks don't work.

I think I've found the cause of this:
variable fd equals {} because proc githook_read calls proc gitdir to
determine path to hooks.
This proc use variable _gitdir for calculating result. This var equals
the result of executing git rev-parse --git-dir
So, the path to hooks for worktree is
path_to_main_repo/.git/worktrees/my_worktree/hooks, but there are no
hooks. Hooks are in path_to_main_repo/.git/hooks, from where they are
correctly (or not?) executed by git cli, while running from worktree

If we put hooks to path_to_main_repo/.git/worktrees/my_worktree/hooks
too, they will work both in git citool and CLI/third-party GUI. But
they will execute different files, and it may cause some problems.
Ivan Mogish
Support Engineer
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