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pack file object size question

Hi all,

I am trying to write an implementation of "git index-pack" and having
a bit of trouble with understanding the ".pack" format. Specifically,
I am having trouble figuring out the boundary between two objects in
the pack file.

It seems that there is a 12 byte header (signature, version, number of
objects), then it immediately jumps into each individual object. The
object consists of the object header, then the zlib deflated object,
followed by a SHA1 of the above. Is this accurate? If so, where is the
size of the entire object size (object header + zlib deflated object +
sha) identified in git source? I tracked it down to what I believe is
builtin/index-pack.c under the function parse_pack_objects, the
for-loop currently in line 1138, but I cannot find where that object
size is calculated for the next iteration of the loop.

I think what I most specifically need is where the size of the
deflated object is identified.

Farhan Khan
PGP Fingerprint: B28D 2726 E2BC A97E 3854 5ABE 9A9F 00BC D525 16EE