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Re: [PATCH 1/4] git-column.txt: fix section header

On Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 12:27:39PM +0100, Martin Ågren wrote:

> We have too few dashes under "Examples", which causes Asciidoctor to not
> pick it up as a section header, but to instead just render the dashes
> literally. This also seems to confuse Asciidoctor about dashes in
> general around here. It misinterprets the listing blocks in this
> section, again rendering the dashes literally.
> Make sure we have as many dashes as we have characters in "Examples".
> This fixes the section-issue and, somehow, makes the listing blocks
> render correctly.

Yeah, the mis-matched title-and-dashes thing has bitten us several
times. I think this one just post-dates the last round of fixing.

The "somehow" here is that the mismatched dashes appear to be the start
of a code listing block, making the whole example section into one big
listing (which isn't properly closed, generating a warning).

And that's why in the context:

> -------
> +--------
>  Format data by columns:
>  ------------

We _don't_ need to match up the dashes for "Format data...". That is
meant to be a listing block (and arguably should use a shorter string of
dashes to make that intent more obvious).