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[Question] Complex textconv text

Hi all,

I have a strange situation and need help with resolving funky characters in
.git/config. My situation is this:

[diff "*.dat"]
	textconv = enscribe-conv

Basically this is a formatter for diff so that I can show structured binary
data. The unquoted syntax of the format string is:

Content is not really important. The issue is that git is reporting fatal:
bad config line 2 in file .git/config when I escape the (, ), and |
characters. I get syntax errors otherwise from the shell running the
textconv. I have tried
--format="-a1(A=-a1,-a16,-a32|P=-a1,-a32,-a16|=-a1,-d,a14),-a224", to no
avail. How should I safely escape the characters in here?


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