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Re: [RFC] git clean --local

"Randall S. Becker" <rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Would something like git clean --exclude=file-pattern work as a
> compromise notion? Files matching the pattern would not be cleaned
> regardless of .gitignore or their potential preciousness status
> long-term. Multiple repetitions of the --exclude option might be
> supportable. I could see that being somewhat useful in scripting.

I think "git clean" already takes "-e", but I am not sure if it is
meant to do what you wrote above.

If "git clean" takes a pathspec, perhaps you can give a negative
pathspec to exclude whatever you do not want to get cleaned,
something like

	git clean '*.o' ':!precious.o'

to say "presious.o is ignored (hence normally expendable), but I do
not want to clean it with this invocation of 'git clean'"?