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Re: [RFC] git clean --local

Cameron Boehmer <cameron.boehmer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 1) add a new flag
> -l, --local
>     Do not consult git config --global core.excludesFile in
> determining what files git ignores. This is useful in conjunction with
> -x/-X to preserve user files while removing build artifacts.

This does not belong to the "clean" command (who says the need to
ignore the global configuration is limited to "clean" and why?), so
"git clean --local" is simply not acceptable.

But it might be useful as an option that affects any "git" command,
e.g. "git --local-config-only clean".  I dunno.

> 2) change the behavior of -x/-X

This won't happen without a long deprecation period.

If you haven't seen and read them, check the recent list archive for
the past few weeks, with keywords "trashable", "precious", etc.