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[RFC] git clean --local

-x and -X are great, but they remove files that are ignored via my
~/.gitignore that I'd rather keep (personal toolchain dotfiles). If
others also would like to see this addressed and we settle on a
specific solution, I'd be happy to submit a patch. Some ideas:

1) add a new flag
-l, --local
    Do not consult git config --global core.excludesFile in
determining what files git ignores. This is useful in conjunction with
-x/-X to preserve user files while removing build artifacts.

2) change the behavior of -x/-X
While it would be inconsistent with git's behavior elsewhere to NOT
consult the global excludesFile, the intent behind -x/-X seems to have
everything to do with the contents of current project's .gitignores,
and nothing to do with the global excludes. However, even if this is
palatable, it's not backwards compatible, and I'm not sure this meets
the threshold of significance for breaking changes.

Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks to all for their contributions,