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Re: [PATCH] rebase -i: introduce the 'test' command

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 09:32:48AM +0100, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> > > Would it not make more sense to add a command-line option (and a config
> > > setting) to re-schedule failed `exec` commands? Like so:
> > 
> > Your proposition would do in most cases, however it is not possible to
> > make a distinction between reschedulable and non-reschedulable commands.
> True. But I don't think that's so terrible.
> What I think is something to avoid is two commands that do something very,
> very similar, but with two very, very different names.
> In reality, I think that it would even make sense to change the default to
> reschedule failed `exec` commands. Which is why I suggested to also add a
> config option.

I sometimes add "x false" to the top of the todo list to stop and create
new commits before the first one. That would be awkward if I could never
get past that line. However, I think elsewhere a "pause" line has been
discussed, which would serve the same purpose.

I wonder how often this kind of "yes, I know it fails, but keep going
anyway" situation would come up. And what the interface is like for
getting past it. E.g., what if you fixed a bunch of stuff but your tests
still fail? You may not want to abandon the changes you've made, but you
need to "rebase --continue" to move forward. I encounter this often when
the correct fix is actually in an earlier commit than the one that
yields the test failure. You can't rewind an interactive rebase, so I
complete and restart it, adding an "e"dit at the earlier commit.

How would I move past the test that fails to continue? I guess "git
rebase --edit-todo" and then manually remove it (and any other remaining
test lines)?

That's not too bad, but I wonder if people would find it more awkward
than the current way (which is to just "rebase --continue" until you get
to the end).

I dunno. I am not sure if I am for or against changing the default, so
these are just some musings. :)