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[L10N] Kickoff for Git 2.20.0 round 2


Two typos are fixed in upstream via commit v2.20.0-rc1-7-gd355e46a15:

    --- a/http.c
    +++ b/http.c
    -           warning(_("CURLSSLOPT_NO_REVOKE not suported with cURL
< 7.44.0"));
    +           warning(_("CURLSSLOPT_NO_REVOKE not supported with
cURL < 7.44.0"));

    --- a/midx.c
    +++ b/midx.c
    -           die(_("bad pack-int-id: %u (%u total packs"),
    +           die(_("bad pack-int-id: %u (%u total packs)"),

For l10n teams that have already submitted for l10n round 1, I made a
batch commit to fix fuzzy translations, see pull request:


For other l10n teams, please update your translations against the new
pot file from the usual place:


Jiang Xin