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Re: [PATCH 3/5] pack-objects: add --sparse option

Derrick Stolee <stolee@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> You're right that having this hidden as an opt-in config variable
> makes it hard to discover as a typical user.
> I would argue that we should actually make the config setting true by
> default, and recommend that servers opt-out. Here are my reasons:
> 1. The vast majority of users are clients.
> 2. Client users are not likely to know about and tweak these settings.
> 3. Server users are more likely to keep an eye on the different knobs
> they can tweak.
> 4. Servers should use the reachability bitmaps, which don't use this
> logic anyway.
> While _eventually_ we should make this opt-out, we shouldn't do that
> until it has cooked a while.

I actually do not agree.  If the knob gives enough benefit, the
users will learn about it viva voce, and in a few more releases
we'll hear "enough users complain that they have to turn it on,
let's make it the default".  If that does not happen, the knob
does not deserve to be turned on in the first place.

The same applies to many shiny new toys people are discussing
recently on this list (e.g. precious vs expendable and non-overlay
checkout are the ones that immediately come to my mind).

Having said that, I won't be commenting on this shiny new toy before
the final.  I want to see more people help tying the loose ends and
give it final varnish to the upcoming release, as it seems to have
become rockier and larger release than we originally anticipated.