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Re: Git Tags

On Thu, 29 Nov 2018 at 12:50, Stefanie Leisestreichler
<stefanie.leisestreichler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> git tag -a 0.9.0
> git push origin master
> In my local repository, when I run "git tag" it is showing me "0.9.0".
> Then I did (on box B)
> git clone ssh://user@host:/path/project.git
> cd project
> git tag
> Now git tag is showing nothing.
> Why is the tag only available in my local repository?

>From https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Basics-Tagging
"By default, the git push command doesn’t transfer tags to remote servers.
You will have to explicitly push tags to a shared server after you
have created them."

Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot, http://mateusz.loskot.net