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Re: [PATCH] config.mak.dev: enable -Wpedantic in clang

Eric Sunshine <sunshine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Playing Devi's Advocate, what if Apple's clang "8" was, in reality,
> real-world clang 3? Then this condition would incorrectly enable the
> compiler option on Apple for a (real) clang version below 4. For this
> reason, it seems we shouldn't be trusting only the clang version
> number when dealing with Apple.
> (I suspect that it won't make a difference in actual practice, so it
> may be reasonable to punt on this issue until/if someone complains.)

Why do we care which true version of clang is being used here in the
first place?  Is it because some version of clang (take -Wpedantic
but misbehave | barf when -Wpedantic is given) while some others are

If the only problem is that some version of clang barf when the
option is given, perhaps we can do a trial-compile of helloworld.c
or something, or is that something we are trying to avoid in the
first place?

It appears to me that ./detect-compiler tool (by the way, perhaps we
should start moving these build-helper-tools sitting at the top level
down to ./build-helpers/ subdirectory or something so that we can focus
on the source code when running "ls" at the top level of the hierarchy)
can become more intelligent to help things like this.