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Re: [PATCH v1/RFC 1/1] 'git clone <url> C:\cygwin\home\USER\repo' is working (again)

On 2018-11-28 09:46, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
Hi J.H.,

On Wed, 28 Nov 2018, J.H. van de Water wrote:

> > me@work /cygdrive
> > $ ls
> > c  d
> >
> > So `/cygdrive` *is* a valid directory in Cygwin.
> That supports the code that does not special case a path that begins
> with /cygdrive/ and simply treats it as a full path and freely use
> relative path, I guess.  Very good point.

Please read

    ( The cygdrive path prefix )

.... you can access arbitary drives on your system by using the cygdrive path
prefix. The default value for this prefix is /cygdrive ...

The cygdrive prefix is a >>> virtual directory <<< under which all drives on
a system are subsumed ...

The cygdrive prefix may be CHANGED in the fstab file as outlined above !!!!!

To simplify scripting, Cygwin also provides a /proc/cygdrive symlink, ...


That's all very interesting, but I fail to see the relevance with regards
to the issue at hand, namely whether to special-case `/cygdrive` as a
special prefix that cannot be treated as directory in Git.

I still maintain that it should not be special-cased, no matter whether it is a virtual directory or whether it can be renamed to `/jh-likes-cygwin`
or whatever.

Ok. Sorry about the noise.

From your post I got the impression that you believed that there will always
be a directory called /cygdrive on Cygwin.

My point: it can have a different name.