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Re: [PATCH] advice: don't pointlessly suggest --convert-graft-file

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason  <avarab@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The advice to run 'git replace --convert-graft-file' added in
> f9f99b3f7d ("Deprecate support for .git/info/grafts", 2018-04-29)
> didn't add an exception for the 'git replace --convert-graft-file'
> codepath itself.
> As a result we'd suggest running --convert-graft-file while the user
> was running --convert-graft-file, which makes no sense. Before:
>     $ git replace --convert-graft-file
>     hint: Support for <GIT_DIR>/info/grafts is deprecated
>     hint: and will be removed in a future Git version.
>     hint:
>     hint: Please use "git replace --convert-graft-file"
>     hint: to convert the grafts into replace refs.
>     hint:
>     hint: Turn this message off by running
>     hint: "git config advice.graftFileDeprecated false"

That's a good one.  The glitch is real, the improvement is obvious,
and the implementation seems to be straight-forward and sensible.

How did you find one, is the real question ;-)