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Re: [PATCH v1/RFC 1/1] 'git clone <url> C:\cygwin\home\USER\repo' is working (again)

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

> It takes a little folding and knotting of the brain to understand that
> this `!skip_dos_drive_prefix(&pos)` has *nothing* to do with the comment
> `unc paths` nor with the test whether the paths starts with two directory
> separators.
> As a consequence, I would highly suggest to turn this into:
> 	if (skip_dos_drive_prefix(&pos))
> 		; /* absolute path with DOS drive prefix */
>   	/* unc paths */
> 	else if (is_dir_sep(pos[0]) && is_dir_sep(pos[1])) {
> That makes the code a lot easier to understand, and as a consequence a lot
> harder to mess up in the future.

Excellent.  With or without "unc paths" comment, the separation does
make the logic more clear.