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Re: Git pull confusing output

On Tue, Nov 27 2018, Will wrote:

> On 27 Nov 2018, at 19:24, Stefan Beller wrote:
>> The different phases taking each one line takes up precious
>> screen real estate, so another approach would be delete the line
>> after one phase is finished, such that you'd only see the currently
>> active phase (that can be useful for debugging as in "The phase of
>> 'Writing objects' takes very long" -> slow network connection).
> I like this idea
>>>> Pushing to github.com:williamdclt/some-repo.git… done
>>>> 1ca9aaa..4320d30  master -> master
>>> I’d be more than happy to work on this (`git push` is an example
>>> amongst so many other), but want the mailing list’s opinion on it. Am
>>> I wrong in thinking that this output is not something users want, am I
>>> fighting windmills or maybe just being ignorant?
>> I think this would be a useful patch, but it could get complicated
>> quickly: push uses other low level git commands to prepare the
>> packfile to be sent to the server, currently it only needs to pipe
>> through the output of the low level command (or even have the
>> low level command directly write to the terminal).
>> The output of those low level commands should not be changed
>> when run on their own, I would assume.
> Agreed. I didn’t expect it to be so subtle, but I’ll look into it
> and see if that’s something within my reach.

It's not *quite* the same topic, but a related WIP patch that got
dropped (and it would be great if someone looking at this area could
pick it up) is

I think it's also worth looking into making the progress code able to
emit stuff like:

    Counting / Compressing / Writing objects A% (X_1/Y_2) B% (X_2/Y_2) C% (X_3/Y_3)

That would allow for splitting up some of these cases where our progress
bars are overly verbose across multiple lines without losing info by
completely erasing the line, and would also support other cases where
sometimes we do this stuff concurrently. See e.g. my recent commit-graph
progress patches for something that would benefit from this type of

It would need a patch to the progress code to make it able to juggle N
number of progress bars with some format to stitch them all together.