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Re: Git pull confusing output

On 27 Nov 2018, at 19:24, Stefan Beller wrote:

> The different phases taking each one line takes up precious
> screen real estate, so another approach would be delete the line
> after one phase is finished, such that you'd only see the currently
> active phase (that can be useful for debugging as in "The phase of
> 'Writing objects' takes very long" -> slow network connection).

I like this idea

>>> Pushing to github.com:williamdclt/some-repo.git… done
>>> 1ca9aaa..4320d30  master -> master
>> I’d be more than happy to work on this (`git push` is an example
>> amongst so many other), but want the mailing list’s opinion on it. Am
>> I wrong in thinking that this output is not something users want, am I
>> fighting windmills or maybe just being ignorant?
> I think this would be a useful patch, but it could get complicated
> quickly: push uses other low level git commands to prepare the
> packfile to be sent to the server, currently it only needs to pipe
> through the output of the low level command (or even have the
> low level command directly write to the terminal).
> The output of those low level commands should not be changed
> when run on their own, I would assume.

Agreed. I didn’t expect it to be so subtle, but I’ll look into it
and see if that’s something within my reach.