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Forcing GC to always fail

Something of an odd question, but is there something I can do in the
configuration for a repository that forces any "git gc" run in that
repository to always fail without doing anything? (Ideally I'd like to
make "git reflog expire" _also_ fail.)

Background: For Bitbucket Server, we have a fairly recurrent issue
where administrators decide they know how to manage garbage collection
for our repositories better than we do, so they jump on the server and
start running things like this:

git reflog expire --expire=now –all
git gc --prune=now
git repack -adf --window=200 --depth=200

They then come running to us with their corrupted repository expecting
and/or hoping that we can fix it (often without proper backups).

Bitbucket Server itself never runs "git gc" (or "git reflog expire").
We've configured how reflog expiry should be handled, but of course
that's overridden by explicit command line options like
"--expire=now". We _do_ run "git pack-refs", "git repack" and "git
prune" (with various options), so those commands need to continue to

Is there anything I can set, perhaps some invalid configuration
option/value, that will make "git gc" (most important) and "git
reflog" (ideal, but less important) fail when they're run in our
repositories? Hopefully at that point customers will reach out to us
for help _before_ they corrupt their repositories.