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Re: Git pull confusing output

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 8:52 AM Will <william.duclot@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> And even them, do they need this info every time they push?

I agree that we should make the output a bit more user friendly,
which means we'd only want to output relevant data for the user.

The different phases taking each one line takes up precious
screen real estate, so another approach would be delete the line
after one phase is finished, such that you'd only see the currently
active phase (that can be useful for debugging as in "The phase of
'Writing objects' takes very long" -> slow network connection).

> I feel like a less intimidating output would help, while showing info
> about objects and deltas with the verbose flag:

I agree that most information in pushing is not very useful
and could be omitted. This helps in multiple ways:
* it keeps the focus on the actually important information,
   see bf1a11f0a1 (sideband: highlight keywords in remote
   sideband output, 2018-08-07)
* less space in a terminal wasted, such that you can scroll over
   it better

> > Compressing… done

After the push succeeded this information would not be useful
any more, it is only useful during the compression phase
(Does it progress quickly enough? or does it error out?)

Slightly related (but applies mostly to fetch, for which this
discussion can also be had):
When fetching, these informations are generated on the
remote side (as the server needs to create the packfile
according to your local state that you negotiated with the
server), which takes some time. Sending over this
information also keeps the connection alive. This is only
relevant in corner cases depending on the setup of the
hosting provider/repository, but it led to commits such as
in the java implementation of Git.

> > Pushing to github.com:williamdclt/some-repo.git… done
> > 1ca9aaa..4320d30  master -> master
> I’d be more than happy to work on this (`git push` is an example
> amongst so many other), but want the mailing list’s opinion on it. Am
> I wrong in thinking that this output is not something users want, am I
> fighting windmills or maybe just being ignorant?

I think this would be a useful patch, but it could get complicated
quickly: push uses other low level git commands to prepare the
packfile to be sent to the server, currently it only needs to pipe
through the output of the low level command (or even have the
low level command directly write to the terminal).

The output of those low level commands should not be changed
when run on their own, I would assume.

So maybe the best way to dive into understanding what happens
under the hood in git-push is to run

  GIT_TRACE=1 git push ...

and see what child processes are invoked (e.g.
run_command: git pack-objects --all-progress-implied)
and then we'd need to change the output of iff the
specific progress flag is given.