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Re: [PATCH v1/RFC 1/1] 'git clone <url> C:\cygwin\home\USER\repo' is working (again)

Steven Penny <svnpenn@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If you strip the drive, you can still navigate within the same drive:
>     $ cd 'C:\Users'
>     $ pwd
>     /cygdrive/c/Users
>     $ cd '\Windows'
>     $ pwd
>     /cygdrive/c/Windows
> but you can no longer traverse drives:
>     $ cd '\Testing'
>     sh: cd: \Testing: No such file or directory

Sorry, but I fail to see the point the last example wants to make.
If it were

    $ cd /cygdrive/d/Testing
    $ cd /cygdrive/c/Users
    $ cd ../../d/Testing

and the last step fails, then I would suspect it would make sense to
treat /cygdrive/$X exactly like how we would treat $C:, because

    $ cd C:Users
    $ cd ../D:Testing

would not make sense, either, which is an indication that these two
are quite similar.  On the other hand, if "cd ../../d/Testing" above
does not fail and does what non-DOS users would expect, then that
strongly argues that treating /cygdrive/$X any specially is a mistake.

> So a good first question for me would be: why are we stripping "C:" or similar
> in the first place?

Sorry, but I do not see the connection to this question and the
above example.  The reason why we strip C: is because the letter
that comes after that colon determines if we are talking about
absolute path (in other words, the current directory does not play a
role in determining which directory the path refers to), unlike the
POSIX codepath where it is always the first letter in the pathname.

C:\Users is a directory whose name is Users at the top level of the
C: drive. C0\Users tells us that in the current directory, there is
a directory whose name is C0 and in it, there is a filesystem entity
whose name is Users.  So the colon that follows an alpha (in this
case, C:) is quite special, compared to other letters (in this
example, I used '0' to contrast its effect with ':').  So it is very
understandable why we want to have has_dos_prefix() and

> I would say these could be merged into a "win.h" or similar. Cygwin typically
> leans toward the "/unix/style" while MINGW has been more tolerant of
> "C:\Windows\Style" and "C:/Mixed/Style" paths, i dont see that changing.

I'd defer to Windows folks to decide if a unified win.h is a good