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Re: BUG: CR marker ^M doesn't show up in '-' lines of diffs when the ending of the removed line is CR+LF

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 03:03:11PM +0100, Frank Schäfer wrote:
> Am 24.11.18 um 23:07 schrieb Johannes Sixt:
> > I don't think that there is anything to fix. If you have a file with
> > CRLF in it, but you did not declare to Git that CRLF is the expected
> > end-of-line indicator, then the CR *is* trailing whitespace (because
> > the line ends at LF), and 'git diff' highlights it. 
> Sure, it's correct to highlight it.
> But it doesn't highlight it in removed lines, just in added lines.
> I can see no good reason why removed and added lines should be treated
> differently.

The default behavior is to highlight whitespace errors only in new
lines, because the assumption is that while you don't want to introduce
new errors, you can't do anything about old mistakes without rewriting

I agree that in many circumstances, such as code review, this may be
undesirable.  In the past, I've done code reviews where I may let
existing trailing whitespace go but am strict about not introducing
new trailing whitespace, and being able to see both is helpful.

If you want to see whitespace errors in both the old and the new, use
--ws-error-highlight or set diff.wsErrorHighlight.
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