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t5570 shaky for anyone ?

After running the  "Git 2.20-rc1" testsuite here on a raspi,
the only TC that failed was t5570.
When the "grep" was run on daemon.log, the file was empty (?).
When inspecting it later, it was filled, and grep would have found
the "extended.attribute" it was looking for.

The following fixes it, but I am not sure if this is the ideal

diff --git a/t/t5570-git-daemon.sh b/t/t5570-git-daemon.sh
index 7466aad111..e259fee0ed 100755
--- a/t/t5570-git-daemon.sh
+++ b/t/t5570-git-daemon.sh
@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ test_expect_success 'daemon log records all attributes' '
 		git -c protocol.version=1 \
 			ls-remote "$GIT_DAEMON_URL/interp.git" &&
+	sleep 1 &&
 	grep -i extended.attribute daemon.log | cut -d" " -f2- >actual &&
 	test_cmp expect actual
A slightly better approach may be to use a "sleep on demand":

+	( grep -i -q extended.attribute daemon.log || sleep 1 ) &&