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GCC Compile farm (Linux, Solaris, AIX etc.) testing of git.git

I've had access to the GCC Compile Farm for testing on various
architectures for a while. Around the 2.19.0 release I submitted some
patches / bug reports found there.

I've now improved this to run it via GitLab CI & made the output
accessible. Outline of how this works at

https://gitlab.com/git-vcs/git-ci/branches is a repo that houses a merge
of {master,next,pu} from git.git and that git-gitlab-ci.git repo.

There's still plenty of rough edges to it, but
https://gitlab.com/git-vcs/git-ci/-/jobs already has some useful

Right now this is all pushed out manually. But I'm planning to get it to
a point where soon after Junio pushes changes out a run will kick off on
all these platforms.

The machines it's running on & their build / test configuration is also
something I set up as a one-off.  The full list of available machines is
at https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/ and I picked some subset
that looked interesting (outlier platforms) at