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Re: BUG: CR marker ^M doesn't show up in '-' lines of diffs when the ending of the removed line is CR+LF

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 03:51:26PM +0100, Frank Schäfer wrote:
> Hmm... is CR-only line termination supported at all ?
> E.g. 'eol' can be set to 'lf' or 'crlf' but not 'cr'...

No, CR-only is not supported, because:
Nobody was implementing it, and that is probably because
the only question abou CR-only (at least what I remember)
was a when an old Mac OS (not the Mac OS X)
was used (which used to use CR instead of LF).

And, such feature may be implemented by writing a filter,
replace CR with LF as "clean" and "LF" with "CR" for smudge.