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Re: BUG: CR marker ^M doesn't show up in '-' lines of diffs when the ending of the removed line is CR+LF

Am 23.11.18 um 22:47 schrieb Johannes Sixt:
> Am 23.11.18 um 19:19 schrieb Frank Schäfer:
>> The CR marker ^M doesn't show up in '-' lines of diffs when the ending
>> of the removed line is CR+LF.
>> It shows up as expected in '-' lines when the ending of the removed line
>> is CR only.
>> It also always shows up as expected in '+' lines.
> Is your repository configured to (1) highlight whitespace errors in
> diff output and (2) to leave CRLF alone in text files?
I'm using the default configuration, so whitespace is set to
trailing-space, but cr-at-eol is not set.

> If so, then it is just a side-effect of this combination, an illusion,
> so to say: The CR in the CRLF combo is trailing whitespace. The 'git
> diff' marks it by inserting an escape sequence to switch the color
> before ^M and another escape sequence to reset to color after ^M. This
> breaks the CRLF combination apart, so that the pager does not process
> it as a combined CRLF sequence; it displays the lone CR as ^M.
Urghh... so that needs to be fixed.
Why does it work correctly with '+' lines ?

> It is easy to achieve the opposite effect, i.e., that ^M is not
> displayed. For example with these lines in .git/info/attributes or
> .gitattributes:
> *.cpp
> whitespace=trailing-space,cr-at-eol,indent-with-non-tab,space-before-tab
> *.h
> whitespace=trailing-space,cr-at-eol,indent-with-non-tab,space-before-tab
> Note the cr-at-eol. (There may be shorter versions to achieve a
> similar effect.)
With cr-at-eol, ^M indeed doesn't show up anymore in '+' lines with
CR+LF line endings. That's correct/expected.
'-' lines with CR+LF line endings are displayed correctly in this case, too.
However, ^M still shows up in '+' and '-' lines with CR line endings.

Hmm... is CR-only line termination supported at all ?
E.g. 'eol' can be set to 'lf' or 'crlf' but not 'cr'...


> -- Hannes