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Re: git overwriting local ignored files?

On 11/23/18 11:22 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
David Mandelberg <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

It seems that git is overwriting my local files on merge if they're in
.gitignore. See command transcript below. I searched `git help config`
and Google, but I couldn't find any way to prevent it. Am I missing
something? (The reason I care about ignored files is that I'm using
git with a working directory of $HOME to manage my dotfiles, and most
files in my $HOME are not tracked by git but are still important.)

The .gitignore file is to list "ignored and expendable" class of
files; there is no "ignored but precious class" in Git.

Ok. Would a patch be welcome? I have three ideas for how to implement it, and I'm not sure which is better.

1. Add a boolean config option called core.preserveIgnore (or similar). I'm guessing this is the least amount of work, but it's not very flexible. I'm also not sure how it should work with `git clean`.

2. Add some syntax to the .gitignore format so the same file can list both "ignored and expendable" and "ignored and precious". I could see using this to mark compiled files as ignored+expendable and per-repo editor/IDE config files as ignored+precious. Do you have any idea how big of a patch this would be? Or any idea for the new syntax? I think starting a line with "\x" where x is any character not currently escaped by a backslash would cause the least disruption to existing .gitignore files.

3. Like (2), but use a separate file instead of .gitignore (and the other git-ignore files).

Any thoughts?