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Re: [PATCH] t5562: skip if NO_CURL is enabled

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 05:04:25PM -0800, Carlo Arenas wrote:
> the error that gets eventually to stderr in the caller comes from
> get_packet_data, who is trying to read 4 bytes and gets 0.
> when looking at the trace (obtained with ktrace)

Yes too early close of the input data is the thing which
triggers the "remote end hung up unexpectedly" message.

> I see there is no
> longer any other process running,

do you mean git receive-pack? This is strange, all its
parents should be waiting for it to exit.

> the last child of it is long gone with an error as shown by :
>   9255      1 git-http-backend CALL  close(1)
>   9255      1 git-http-backend CALL  write(2,0xbfb2a604,0x36)
>   9255      1 git-http-backend GIO   fd 2 wrote 54 bytes
>        "fatal: request ended in the middle of the gzip stream\n"

This should be some other test than push_plain, some of the
gzip related ones. Are there other tests failing?

>   9255      1 git-http-backend RET   write 54/0x36
>   9255      1 git-http-backend CALL  write(1,0xb781f0e0,0x94)
>   9255      1 git-http-backend RET   write -1 errno 9 Bad file descriptor

This is interesting. http-backend for some reason closes its
stdout. Here it then tries to write there something. I have
not seen it in my push_plain run. Maybe it worth redirecting instead
to stderr, to avoid losing some diagnostics?

> not sure how it got into that state, though
> Carlo