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Git for Windows v2.20.0-rc0, was Re: [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.20.0-rc0


On Sun, 18 Nov 2018, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> An early preview release Git v2.20.0-rc0 is now available for
> testing at the usual places.  It is comprised of 887 non-merge
> commits since v2.19.0, contributed by 71 people, 23 of which are
> new faces.

The "for Windows" flavor of Git v2.20.0-rc0 is available here:


The current change log for v2.20.0 reads like this:

Changes since Git for Windows v2.19.1 (Oct 5th 2018)

Please note: Git CMD is deprecated as of this Git for Windows version. The
default is to have git.exe in the PATH anyway, so there is no noticeable
difference between CMD and Git CMD. It is impossible to turn off CMD's
behavior where it picks up any git.exe in the current directory, so let's
discourage the use of Git CMD. Users who dislike Git Bash should switch to
Powershell instead.

New Features

  • Comes with OpenSSH v7.9p1.
  • The description of the editor option to choose Vim has been clarified
    to state that this unsets core.editor.
  • Comes with cURL v7.62.0.
  • The type of symlinks to create (directory or file) can now be
    specified via the .gitattributes.
  • The FSCache feature now uses a faster method to enumerate files,
    making e.g. git status faster in large repositories.
  • Comes with Git Credential Manager v1.18.3.
  • Comes with Git LFS v2.6.0.
  • Comes with MSYS2 runtime (Git for Windows flavor) based on Cygwin
  • The FSCache feature was optimized to become faster.

Bug Fixes

  • The 64-bit Portable Git no longer sets pack.packSizeLimit.