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Re: [PATCH] technical doc: add a design doc for the evolve command

On 20/11/2018 12:18, Phillip Wood wrote:
On 15/11/2018 00:55, sxenos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Stefan Xenos <sxenos@xxxxxxxxxx>
+From the user’s perspective, two changes are divergent if they both ask for +different replacements to the same commit. More precisely, a target commit is +considered divergent if there is more than one commit at the head of a change in +refs/metas that leads to the target commit via an unbroken chain of “obsolete”
+Much like a merge conflict, divergence is a situation that requires user
+intervention to resolve. The evolve command will stop when it encounters
+divergence and prompt the user to resolve the problem. Users can solve the
+problem in several ways:
+- Discard one of the changes (by deleting its change branch).
+- Merge the two changes (producing a single change branch).

I assume this wont create merge commits for the actual commits though, just merge the meta branches and create some new commits that are each the result of something like 'merge-recursive original-commit our-new-version their-new-version'

That should have been

merge-recursive original-commit^ -- our-new-version their-new-version

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