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Re: [PATCH] technical doc: add a design doc for the evolve command

Stefan Xenos <sxenos@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> But it is not immediately obvious to me how it would help to have
>> "Z was cherry-picked from W" in "evolve".
> The evolve command would use it for handling the
> obsolescence-over-cherry-pick (OOCP) feature. If someone cherry-picks
> a commit and then amends the original, the evolve command would give
> you the option of applying the same amendment to the cherry-picked
> version.

Yeah, I missed that case when I was formulating my thought on how we
can start smaller and simpler to get the ball rolling.  And for
"this commit and anything built on top of it need to be adjusted
since that other commit, which this commit was made by cherry-picking
it, has been obsoleted" to work, the "origin" commit pointed at by
the meta commit must be made available.

> Are you claiming that this is undesirable, or are you claiming that
> this could be accomplished without origin parents?

I was trying to see if this is something we can leave out to limit
the initial scope.