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help.autoCorrect prefix selection considered a bit dangerous

Replying to this blast from the past:

I apparently like to live dangerously and have help.autoCorrect
enabled. I just had:

    git puss

Auto-corrected to:

    git push

When I meant:

    git pull

(For those wondering how I could have mistyped that, "l" and "s" are
right next to each other on a Dvorak layout).

As seen in the E-Mail from 2010 this intentional, i.e. "pull" is pruned
since the "pu" prefix isn't matched, but "pus" is. This was meant to
correct e.g. "git st" to "git status".

I don't have time to poke at this now, but wonder if:

 1) The correction facility shouldn't at least have a list of "this does
    stuff over the wire" commands and would then use a more conservative

 2) Whether we can do better with typo detection. E.g. add commands like
    "pull" to the list if we have a long enough prefix for them, and if
    the number of characters entered matches the number of characters in
    another command.