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Re: [PATCH] technical doc: add a design doc for the evolve command


Xenos wrote:

> Lets explore the "when" question. I think there's a compelling reason
> to add them as soon as possible - namely, gerrit. If and when we come
> to some sort of agreement on this proposal, gerrit could start adding
> tooling to understand change graphs as an alternative to change-id
> footers. That work could proceed in parallel with the work in git-core
> once we know what the data structures look like, but it can't start
> until the data structures are sufficient to address all the use cases
> that were previously covered by change-id. At the moment, meta-commits
> without origin parents would not cover all of gerrit's use-cases so
> this would block adoption in gerrit.

By this, are you referring to the "Cherry-picks" list in the Gerrit
web UI?