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Re: [PATCH 0/5] Make :(attr) pathspec work with "git log"

On Sun, Nov 18 2018, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy wrote:

> When :(attr) was added, it supported one of the two main pathspec
> matching functions, the one that works on a list of paths. The other
> one works on a tree, tree_entry_interesting(), which gets :(attr)
> support in this series.
> With this, "git grep <pattern> <tree> -- :(attr)" or "git log :(attr)"
> will not abort with BUG() anymore.
> But this also reveals an interesting thing: even though we walk on a
> tree, we check attributes from _worktree_ (and optionally fall back to
> the index). This is how attributes are implemented since forever. I
> think this is not a big deal if we communicate clearly with the user.
> But otherwise, this series can be scraped, as reading attributes from
> a specific tree could be a lot of work.
> The main patch is the last one. The others are just to open a path to
> pass "struct index_state *" down to tree_entry_interesting(). This may
> become standard procedure because we don't want to stick the_index (or
> the_repository) here and there.

Another side-note (this thread is turning into my personal blog at this
point...) I found an old related thread:

So this series fixes 1/2 of the issues noted there, but git-ls-tree will
still die with the same error.