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Re: insteadOf and git-request-pull output

"brian m. carlson" <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> $ git request-pull HEAD^ git://foo.example.com/example | grep example
>>   ssh://bar.example.com/example
>> I think that if we use the "principle of least surprise," insteadOf
>> rules shouldn't be applied for git-request-pull URLs.
> I'd like to point out a different use that may change your view.  I have
> an insteadOf alias, gh:, that points to GitHub.  Performing the rewrite
> is definitely the right thing to do, since other users may not have my
> alias available.
> I agree that in your case, a rewrite seems less appropriate, but I think
> we should only skip the rewrite if the value already matches a valid
> URL.

It would be tricky to define what a valid URL is, though.  Do we
need some way to say "this is a private URL that should not be
given preference when composing a request-pull message"?  E.g.

    [url "git://git.dev/"]
            insteadOf = https://git.dev/

    [url "https://github.com/";]
            insteadOf = gh:

The former does not mark https://git.dev/ a private one, so a
"request-pull https://git.dev/$thing"; would show the original
"https://git.dev/$thing"; without rewriting.  The latter marks gh: a
private one so "request-pull gh:$thing" would be rewritten before
exposed to the public as "https://github.com/$thing";

Or something like that?