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Re: [PATCH] bundle: dup() output descriptor closer to point-of-use

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Actually, I realized there's an even simpler way to do this. Here it is.
> -- >8 --
> Subject: [PATCH] bundle: dup() output descriptor closer to point-of-use
> When writing a bundle to a file, the bundle code actually creates
> "your.bundle.lock" using our lockfile interface. We feed that output
> descriptor to a child git-pack-objects via run-command, which has the
> quirk that it closes the output descriptor in the parent.
> To avoid confusing the lockfile code (which still thinks the descriptor
> is valid), we dup() it, and operate on the duplicate.


> We can solve this by moving the dup() much closer to start_command(),
> shrinking the window in which we have the second descriptor open. It's
> easy to place this in such a way that no die() is possible. We could
> still die due to a signal in the exact wrong moment, but we already
> tolerate races there (e.g., a signal could come before we manage to put
> the file on the cleanup list in the first place).
> As a bonus, this shields create_bundle() itself from the duplicate-fd
> trick, and we can simplify its error handling (note that the lock
> rollback now happens unconditionally, but that's OK; it's a noop if we
> didn't open the lock in the first place).

... I found this way too clever for me, but by following the
codeflow, it was easy to convince myself that this does the right
thing.  Almost magical ;-)

Will queue, with a Tested-by: with Dscho's name on it.

TAhanks, both.