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Re: [[PATCH v2] ] INSTALL: add macOS gettext and sdk header explanation to INSTALL

On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 11:07 PM Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> yanke131415@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> > * add macOS gettext explanation to get the i18n locale translation take effect in macOS, as the most polular way of gettext
> >   install in macOS, the gettext is not linked by default, this commit give a tip on this thing.
> Also I am not quite sure what it wants to say.  Perhaps you meant
> to say something like this?
>         Explain how to make the gettext library usable on macOS, as
>         with the most popular way to install it, it won't be linked
>         to /usr/local.
> I think the part that I had most trouble understanding was your use
> of the verb "link"; it was unclear (and I am guessing) that you
> meant there are missing links on the filesystem to make stuff from
> gettext package available to programs that want to build with it [...]

You inferred correctly, and your rewritten text conveys the needed information.

> > * add macOS Command Line Tool sdk header explanation to get correct build in macOS 10.14+, as the CLT not install
> >   the header by default, we need install it by self, this commit give a way to install the loss headers.
> Similarly, is
>         Explain how to install the Command Line Tool SDK headers
>         manually on macOS 10.14+ in order to correctly build Git, as
>         they are not installed by default.
> what you meant?

Also correct.

> > +    In macOS, can install gettext with brew as "brew install gettext"
> > +    and "brew link --force gettext", the gettext is keg-only so brew not link
> > +    it to /usr/local by default, so link operation is necessary, or you can
> > +    follow the brew tips after install gettext.
> My best guess of what you wanted to say is
>         On macOS, `gettext` can be installed with `brew install
>         gettext`, but because the `gettext` package is keg-only and
>         is not made available in `/usr/local` by default.  `brew


>         link --force gettext` must be run after `brew install
>         gettext` to correct this to use i18n features of Git.
> but now the sentence structure is quite different and I no longer
> know if that is what you meant to say.  And it does not help that I
> am not a Mac user.

Aside from the minor punctuation issue, your rewrite correctly
captures the intent and is understandable.

> > If not link gettext correctly,
> > +    the git after build will not have correct locale translations, english is the
> > +    default language.
> If my rephrasing above is correct, then these three lines become
> unnecessary, I think.


> > +  - In macOs 10.14, the Command Line Tool not contains sdk headers as before, so
> > +    need install Command Line Tool 10.14 and install the headers with command
>         On macOS 10.14, the Command Line Tool no longer contains the
>         SDK headers; you need to also install them with the command:
> > +    If not install the sdk headers correctly, git build will get errors blew, factly is
> > +    is because of this problem.
> I can guess this wants to say "without sdk headers your attempt to
> build Git will blow up in your face", but not quite.
>         Unless you install the SDK headers, building git will fail
>         with error messages like the following:

Although, as you note for the other case, this sentence and the
following example error message are likely unnecessary.