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Re: [PATCH] push: change needlessly ambiguous example in error

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> This "git push origin HEAD" is IMHO less common. It may confuse users.
>> Or users may learn it and be happy thanks to your message. I don't know.
> I was hoping for the latter. I'm slightly embarrassed to say that for
> the entire time I've been using git I've been doing:
>     # on branch 'topic'
>     git push origin topic:topic
> Where 'topic' is a tracking branch of 'origin/master' (I use
> push.default=upstream). I only recently discovered that I could push to
> 'HEAD" to do the same thing. So one ulterior motive is to make that more
> prominent.

Personally I do not think you should feel embarrassed at all.  I
didn't know it myself, and I do not recall designing such a
behaviour, so I would not be surprised if it is merely what the code
right now happens to do.  FWIW, I would have expected that a "git
push origin HEAD" when HEAD is a symref to a branch 'x' would behave
as if "git push origin x" were given, going through the usual
simple/upstream/matching etc. dance.

Do we consider the current behaviour useful?  Is it documented
already and widely known?  If the answers are yes/no, of course we
should document it, but if they are no/no, it may not be a bad idea
to deprecate it and replace it with a saner version (i.e. deref HEAD
to branch name and behave the same way as pushing that branch) over