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Re: rebase-in-C stability for 2.20

> But maybe I'm being overly paranoid. What do those more familiar with
> this think?

I am not too worried,
* as rebase is a main porcelain, that is even hard to use in a script.
  so any failures are not deep down in some automation,
  but when found exposed quickly (and hopefully reported).
* 5541bd5b8f was merged to next a month ago; internally we
   distribute the next branch to Googlers (on a weekly basis)
   and we have not had any bug reports regarding rebase.
   (Maybe our environment is too strict for the wide range
    of bugs reported)
* Johannes reported that the rebase is used in GfW
   and from my cursory reading it is part of
   2.19.windows, which has a large user base.

> (and would re-enable rebase.useBuiltin=true in
> master right after 2.20 is out the door).

That would be fine with me as well, but I'd rather
document rebase.useBuiltin instead of flip-flopping
the switch around the release.

Have there been any fixes that are only in
the C version (has the shell version already bitrotted)?