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Re: git-scm.com GUI client links

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Paul J Sanchez wrote:
> On Nov 13, 2018, at 2:25 PM, Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> The link seems to be https://aurees.com/ ?
>> They seem to have
>> https://aurees.com/legal/license-agreement
>> which is a hilarious read:
>> You agree that each and every e-mail address, which You use during
>> registration or to commit changes into a Git repository, is
>> automatically sent to and stored by Nezaboodka for verification
>> purposes;
>> You agree with Nezaboodka's and their partners' advertising to be
>> shown by the Software and to be sent to Your registration e-mail;
>> You may neither disable nor block automatic updates of the Software;
>> You may neither disable nor block sending of anonymous usage
>> statistics to Nezaboodka;
>> You may download, install and any number of copies of the Software
>> registered under Free License;
>> Further:
>>   The Agreement is a public agreement (offer) as defined by the law
>> of Republic of Belarus (article 396 of Civil Code of Republic of
>> Belarus). This Agreement is governed by the laws of Republic of
>> Belarus
>> ... I did not know English is an official language in Belarus.
> I saw the link on git-scm.com.com.  You’re correct, the site is
> https://aurees.com.com/>.
> And no, I hadn’t yet gotten as far as the license-agreement.  Egad!
> Total show-stopper.
> After seeing the licensing terms, I’d agree with Sophos.  Software
> which harvests my e-mail addresses and usage data and has
> autoupdates which cannot be disabled or blocked qualifies as malware
> in my opinion.