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Re: git-scm.com GUI client links

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Paul J Sanchez wrote:

> Over the weekend I saw a link to a Mac git client I had not seen
> before:  Aurees.  When I went to the linked site to download a copy,
> my antivirus software (Sophos) warned me that it contains malware.
> I immediately threw it away without installing, but figured that
> git-scm.com <http://git-scm.com/> should be aware of this.

See https://groups.google.com/d/msg/msysgit/br212yYOZ70/bp5t4QpZk10J
for a similar symptom in the past.

See that thread for some advice on how to track this down.  Sadly,
my experience with antivirus software is that it is just not very

That said, it's possible that this Mac Git client is indeed infected.
Can you point me to the page where you found it?  The git-scm.com web
site is maintained at https://github.com/git/git-scm.com; that page
has instructions for contributing to it.

Thanks and hope that helps,