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[PATCH] po/it.po: Remove space between the dashes and start of an option's name in the Italian translation

This is a really trivial change, but it is quite annoying to see this

diff --git a/po/it.po b/po/it.po
index 908021944..4d87faeee 100644
--- a/po/it.po
+++ b/po/it.po
@@ -566,7 +566,7 @@ msgstr "è già in corso un'operazione di cherry-pick o di revert"
 #: sequencer.c:740
 msgid "try \"git cherry-pick (--continue | --quit | --abort)\""
-msgstr "prova \"git cherry-pick (--continue | --quit | -- abort)\""
+msgstr "prova \"git cherry-pick (--continue | --quit | --abort)\""
 #: sequencer.c:744
 #, c-format