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Re: [PATCH 1/2] ls-remote: do not send ref prefixes for patterns

> Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Since b4be74105f (ls-remote: pass ref prefixes when requesting a
> > remote's refs, 2018-03-15), "ls-remote foo" will pass "refs/heads/foo",
> > "refs/tags/foo", etc to the transport code in an attempt to let the
> > other side reduce the size of its advertisement.
> Jonathan, seeing 2b554353 ("fetch: send "refs/tags/" prefix upon CLI
> refspecs", 2018-06-05), I am guessing that you are doing the proto v2
> work inherited from Brandon?

Sorry for the late reply - I had some personal events, but I should be
able to look more at Git stuff from now on.

Well, it's true that I have been fixing some bugs related to protocol

> Having to undo this is unfortunate, but
> I agree with this patch that we need to do this until ref prefix learns
> to grok wildcards.

It is unfortunate, although as far as I can tell, the performance
improvements from "git fetch" (which I think is the more frequent
command called) remain, so it might not be so bad. I see from your
What's Cooking that these patches are to be merged to master, which I
agree with.