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Re: [PATCH 1/1] mingw: handle absolute paths in expand_user_path()

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> I think we would want to carefully think about the call in enter_repo().
> We do not want git-daemon to accidentally expose repositories in
> Looking over the code, I think this is OK. The expansion happens in
> enter_repo(), and then we take the path that was found and do our
> ok_paths checks on it (which makes sense -- even now you'd ask to export
> "/home/" and it would need to look at "~peff/repo.git" and expand that
> to "/home/peff/repo.git" before doing a simple string check.

Yup, that is another reason why I think this new "expansion feature"
belongs to the function, not to a wrapper that is aware of this new
feature in addition to ~tilde expansion.

>> Between ~<reserved name> and $VARIABLE_LOOKING_THINGS, I do not have
>> a strong preference either way, but I am getting an impression that
>> the latter is more generally favoured in the discussion?
> I certainly prefer the latter, but I thought I was the only one to have
> expressed support so far. ;)

The first mention of pseudo-variable I saw was in Duy's message,
wondering if $ROOT is more appropriate than "/", and I counted it as
supporting the $VARIABLE syntax.