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Re: [PATCH v3 1/2] range-diff doc: add a section about output stability

Stephen & Linda Smith <ischis2@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> +This is particularly true when passing in diff options. Currently some
>> +options like `--stat` can as an emergent effect produce output that's
> "`--stat` can as an emergent": I read that for times to decided it was correct 
> grammar.   Should it be reworded to read better?   Just a nit.

A pair of comma around "as an ... effect" would make it a bit more
readable.  It also took me four reads before I convinced myself that
the original wants to say "Some options may just do whatever they
happen to do that result in pretty useless output".

>> +quite useless in the context of `range-diff`. Future versions of
>> +`range-diff` may learn to interpret such options in a manner specifc
>> +to `range-diff` (e.g. for `--stat` summarizing how the diffstat
>> +changed).