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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Windows: force-recompile git.res for differing architectures

Am 07.11.18 um 02:32 schrieb Junio C Hamano:
Johannes Sixt <j6t@xxxxxxxx> writes:
On Linux, when I recompile for a different architecture, CFLAGS would
change, so I would have thought that GIT-CFLAGS were the natural
choice for a dependency. Don't they change in this case on Windows,

Depending on GIT-CFLAGS would have a better chance of being safe, I
guess, even though it can at times be overly safe, than GIT-PREFIX,
I suspect.  As a single user target in Makefile, which is only used
by Dscho, who intends to stick to /mingw(32|64)/ convention til the
end of time, I think the posted patch is OK, though.

I think that it's not only Dscho who uses the target (my build environment, for example, is different from Dscho's and compiles git.res, too). But since the patch helps him most and doesn't hurt others, it is good to go. No objection from my side.

-- Hannes