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Re: [PATCH v2 2/5] pretty: allow showing specific trailers

Eric Sunshine <sunshine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Does the user have to include the colon when specifying <val> of
> 'key=<val>'? I can see from peeking at the implementation that the
> colon must not be used, but this should be documented. Should the code
> tolerate a trailing colon? (Genuine question; it's easy to do and
> would be more user-friendly.)
> Does 'key=<val>', do a full or partial match on trailers? And, if
> partial, is the match anchored at the start or can it match anywhere
> in the trailer key? I see from the implementation that it does a full
> match, but this behavior should be documented.
> What happens if 'key=...' is specified multiple times? Are the
> multiple keys conjunctive? Disjunctive? Last-wins? I can see from the
> implementation that it is last-wins, but this behavior should be
> documented. (I wonder how painful it will be for people who want to
> match multiple keys. This doesn't have to be answered yet, as the
> behavior can always be loosened later to allow multiple-key matching
> since the current syntax does not disallow such expansion.)
> Thinking further on the last two points, should <val> be a regular expression?

Another thing that needs to be clarified in the document would be
case sensitivity.  People sometimes spell "Signed-Off-By:" by
mistake (or is it by malice?).

I do suspect that the parser should just make a list of sought-after
keys, not doing "last-one-wins", as that won't be very difficult to
do and makes what happens when given multiple keys trivially obvious.