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Re: git-rebase is ignoring working-tree-encoding

On Sun, Nov 04, 2018 at 05:37:09PM +0100, Adrián Gimeno Balaguer wrote:
> I wrote a "counterpart" easy fix which instead only prohibites BOM for
> the opposite endianness (for example if
> working-tree-encoding=UTF-16LE, then finding an UTF-16BE BOM in the
> file would cause Git to signal the error right before committing,
> diffing, etc.). That way user would be encouraged to modify the file's
> encoding to match the one specified in working-tree-encoding before
> allowing these actions, therefore preventing Git from encoding to the
> wrong endianness after file is written out. With few repository tests,
> this new behaviour worked as expected. But then I realized this
> solution would perhaps be unacceptable for Git's source code as it
> would violate that Unicode standard. Anyways, here is a PR in my Git
> fork with the changes I did, for reference:

I actually think such a solution (although I haven't looked at your
patch) would be fine, and I would encourage you to send it to the list.
It's my understanding that many people on Windows want to write things
in UTF-16 encoding but only little-endian with a BOM.  Allowing them to
write that, even if Git won't be able to guarantee producing that, would
be fine, as long as the data is what we expect.
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