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if YOU use a Windows GUI for Git, i would appreciate knowing which one and why

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Forgive me for asking this question on a mailing list.

stackoverflow would probably kill such a question before the bits were fully saved to a server drive.

Let me explain why i am asking and why i am not being a troll.

[a] i'm "old school", i.e., > 50% on my way to being age 72 [born 1947]

[b] when i started programming in 1967, most of my work input was via punched cards

[c] punching my own cards was cool

[d] IBM System/360 mainframe assembler was cool and patching previously punched card encoded machine code output was a fun risky but
at times necessary challenge.

[e] using command windows and coding batch files for Gary Kildall's CP/M and the evil empire's PC/MS-DOS was how i accomplished many
tasks for early non-GUI environments (i still continue this practice even in Windows 10 (a.k.a. please don't update my PC O/S behind
my back again versions of MS Windows)).

[f] my introduction to Git was via a command line based awesome video that has disappeared (i asked this community about that in a
previous thread).

BOTTOM LINE:  virtually 100% of my Git use has been via Git Bash command line [probably downloaded from https://git-scm.com/]

For me, and i suspect even for most people who live with GUI platforms, [a well kept secret fact] using the keyboard is faster than
using the mouse [especially when one's fingers are already over one's keyboard-example, closing one or more "windows" via Alt+F4.

Also for me, i am happy to change some code and/or write some new code, Alt+Tab to Git Bash frequently, ADD/COMMIT, then Alt+Tab
back to whatever IDE i'm using [mostly LINQPad and vs2017]; i know that's quite a bit schizophrenic of me-command line Git but GUI


QUESTION:  if YOU use a Windows GUI for Git, i would appreciate knowing which one and why

i have been asked to look at GUI versions of Git for Windows.

https://git-scm.com/download/gui/windows currently lists 22 options.

if i had more time left in my life and the option, because of my own nature, i'd likely download and evaluate all 22 - Mr.T would
pity the fool that i often can be.

CAUTION:  i am not looking for anyone to disparage other Git Windows GUIs.

Let me break down the question into 4 parts:

[1a] Which do you prefer:  Git GUI, Git command line?
[1b] What is your reason for your [1a] preference?

[2a] if applicable, which Git GUI do you prefer?
[2b] What is your reason for your [2a] preference?

if you are uncomfortable replying to git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx please feel free to reply directly to my e-mail address.

i look forward to hearing from members of this Git community.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your valuable time.

gerry (lowry)-wasaga beach-ontario-canada